legends of dragons, epic music and Viking sagas come together in a tale of bravery for families and kids between 3-10 years!

In the show, you will meet Sigrid and the Dragon, but you also encounter Sigrid's beautiful horse Grane as well as her mysterious grandfather, talking birds and a smith who will make a sword worthy of fighting a dragon! You will learn how to face your fears and that you can do anything if you just give it your best shot - and of course, NEVER wake up a sleeping dragon!

The immortal story that originally is about Sigurd Fafnesbane has been told for over a millenium and lives on to this day, forming the basis for books and shows like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. In this show, the children get to interact, count, rhyme and sing along to ancient musical instruments. Performer and "riksspelman" (i.e. Master musician of the realm) Anna Rynefors from Sweden plays harp, bowed lyre, Swedish bagpipe and sings.

Anna Rynefors: song, harp, bowed lyre, Swedish bagpipes
Contact: tel. +46 (0)762-422767
E-mail: info@annarynefors.se