kvinnolåt - tracing women through music history!

"Kvinnolåt" means "Women´s tune", or "sound" in Swedish, and when Anna Rynefors & Miriam Andersén perform together, women literally take center stage. The duo goes looking for the forgotten women of music history – from the women skalds of the Viking Age to the female fiddlers of olden days. They also compose tunes themselves. Both are acclaimed musicians who have been awarded the title of honour Riksspelman and each have one foot in medieval music and the other in Swedish folk music. Miriam is a singer and harper who also drums and plays the flute, while Anna plays rebec, säckpipa, Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle), the traditional Scanian instrument clog fiddle, and sings. They tour the world for a living. Together they bring to life the artistic legacy of women poets, composers and tradition keepers from Western Europe and Scandinavia.

Recently they have taken on themselves to find the singing and fiddle-playing mothers, sisters and daughters that held the tradition alive by handing on the tunes to their sons - who ended up getting all the attention and recognition. The result can be enjoyed on their new album "Skånska Spelkvinnor / Forgotten Female Fiddlers", featuring traditional Nordic music played, sung or composed by women of their home region Scania, the southernmost tip of Sweden in Scandinavia (incidentally named over a thousand years ago after - Scania)! The album was partly funded through a succesful Kickstarter campaign, where almost 200 people from all over the world pre-booked the album - a big thanks to you all who believed in us and the music!

    Anna Rynefors - rebec, Swedish bagpipe, Nyckelharpa, clog fiddle, vocals
    Miriam Andersén
    - vocals, flute, harp, zither, drum, wooden clappers


Kvinnolåt is supported by the Swedish Arts Council (Kulturrådet).